About Me


I am a graphic designer who originally hails from southwest Minnesota. Raised on a family farm, I have a strong affinity for my natural surroundings, and have been greatly influenced by my heritage and my family. At a young age, I was instilled with the hard-working drive and ethics of those who have been forced (but also enjoy) to live off of the land. They had to use their resources wisely, and realize that they must work for their rewards and their livelihood. Through this, I have gained a desire to constantly prove and challenge myself; both personally and professionally. I strive to bring the beauty, balance, and simplicity of the world that I grew up in, into the lives of others through
my designs.

As a Designer

I received my professional training at the University of Minnesota. At the time I attended, Graphic Design was taught through the College of Human Ecology. This is why my degree is a Bachelor of Science, and not a Bachelor of Arts. I am interested in all applications of design, but find myself most drawn to the design of printed media; specifically branding and identity. I am constantly working to further my web design abilities, and hope to see this aspect of my skills improved throughout the future of my career.

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